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Real Estate Postcards are still one of the most viable marketing tools in the real estate industry.  In fact, in today’s world of internet, social media and email, they are even MORE effective at helping real estate agents and brokers drive offline traffic to online sources such as a website, blog, social media network, or even an email address.

Why do real estate postcards work so well?  They are quick to produce, easy to send, help you stay top-of-mind with your farm area or sphere-of-influence and can help you engage prospects and past customers by using direct response offers.   And when done right – can be one of the most affordable means of marketing available to agents.  In fact, because so many businesses have dramatically cut or eliminated direct mail altogether from their marketing budgets, getting noticed in mailboxes across your market area is much easier than it used to be and much more effective. 

What’s working for other agents? 

  • Use direct response offers:  Things like free reports, lists of homes, newsletters, a rent vs. own analysis, comparative market analysis, lists of distressed properties, area school and business information and a list of trusted resources are all great.
  • Ask questions:  Questions naturally raise curiosity in the mind of consumers so asking the kind of questions that are relevant to today’s home buyer and sellers is a great way to present yourself as the ‘answer’ to those questions.
  • Match your message to your market segment:  If you’re reaching out to a niche market, make sure your marketing matches that market.  Examples:  first time home buying candidates for example would be interested in how to save for a down payment, expired listing sellers want information on how they can still get their home sold, FSBOs want to know how they can get the most money from their sale, distressed homeowners want to know how to get themselves out of their situation and back to a state of peace of mind. 
  • Be consistent:  As with any marketing effort, one-shot deals are never going to produce long-term results.  Postcard marketing and every means of marketing that you are doing should be done consistently, month after month.  The Direct Marketing Association recommends you connect with your book of business at least every 21-28 days.  Most top agents are using a mix of marketing mediums to connect at least monthly with their sphere and farm. 
  • Remember WIIFM:  As you probably know, most consumers are focused on the WIIFM channel – or rather ‘What’s In It For Me?’ So rather than focus all your content and copy on why you are the best agent for the job – tune into what’s most important to them – getting results, showcasing resources, presenting great information or offers, showing that you’re connected and care about what matters most to them.
  • Remember your contact information and call to action:  You would be surprised how many postcards we’ve seen agents use throughout the years that do NOT have the most important aspects of effective (and measureable) marketing.   Make sure you have your brand, your contact information and a reason for them to connect with you that is relevant and timely. 

Real estate postcards and effective marketing tools don’t have to be rocket science.  In fact, some of the best results in the business come from some of the simplest of concepts.  Reach out, consistently, to your sphere and farm once a month with content and information that is helpful and informative to area consumers and then follow up.  It really can be that easy!  Good luck and if you need help – contact our team today at 866.405.3638 or click through to see the wide variety of powerful Real Estate Postcards that we have to offer!  

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